Meet the Team

Our team is a collection of professional property managers not just from the real estate industry, but from various areas and backgrounds, who have come together for one purpose: giving rental property owners a superior choice for residential property management. Learn more about us or contact us for more information on getting started.

Matthew Whitaker » Founder, Director of Market Development

Matthew Whitaker Bio Photo

Matthew is a student of the book Good To Great and is passionate about building gkhouses to become the best property management company on the planet; and maybe even the universe if Elon Musk will hurry up.

To do that, he spent the first seven years of gkhouses in the trenches but now focuses most of his time facilitating growth in other markets.

Entrepreneurship runs in the family. His wife runs a successful business called Engaged.

You can usually find Matthew at the baseball field with his son, at a dance recital with his daughter or at his favorite restaurant with his wife, when he’s not in the office. And if you can’t find him any of those places, it probably means he’s traveling.

Hometown: Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Spencer Sutton » Director of Marketing & Sales

Spencer Sutton Bio Photo

Spencer wakes up with Google and Facebook on his mind. His passion is all things marketing and lead generation – both new owners and new tenants! Having bought and sold over 150 homes in Birmingham (even making money on SOME of them), he gets a kick out of helping new and seasoned investors navigate the endless opportunities to do well with rental real estate.

Spencer is also passionate about his love for Michael Jordan and does his best to explain to the Millennials (who never saw him play live) how much better he was than LeBron.

Spencer has traveled to some of the most remote parts of the world with Neverthirst (India, Sudan, South Sudan, Nepal, Central African Republic, etc..) but mostly loves to hang out with his wife, kids, and the world’s best black lab, Jett.

Hometown: Mtn. Brook, Alabama

Phil Mazur » Director of Finance

Phil Mazur Bio Photo

As a Pittsburgh native, Phil walks into the office every morning waving his terrible towel. Crunching the numbers and helping gkhouses grow to 25,000 houses is what keeps Phil happy, and we say happy with an asterisk(*) because are finance people ever really happy? Always looking for efficiencies in an industry that’s stuck in the ‘80’s keeps him busy.

If you catch him in the right mood, Phil might pull out one of the six albums he produced as a DJ back in his prime….just look for DJ Phza on Spotify.  Insert parental guidance warning here.

Phil is married and has two daughters . . . which have gone a long way in lightening him up.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Matt Leavell » Nashville Team Leader

Matt Leavell Bio Photo

Matt has been an important part of our company innovation over the past several years. He loves talking Nashville real estate with owners, and if you’re nice, he might take you fishing in his favorite Nashville spots.

When Matt’s not taking care of your property or fishing in a tournament, you’ll find him trying to convince his wife to go hiking in one of our stunning National Parks.

Matt and his wife have two awesome boys and have warmed up to life in Nashville.

Hometown: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Curren Melgarejo » Birmingham Team Leader

Curren Melgarejo Bio Photo

Curren is the gk unicorn.

There isn’t anything he can’t do – both in and out of the office.

Need a fantasy football coach? Check
Need a car fixed? Check
Need a poker partner? Check
Need impeccable bookkeeping and innovative reports? Check
Need a Team Leader? Check

His professional passion is financial analysis and reporting, and he firmly believes that “information is everything” when it comes to providing our clients with relevant data.

He’s so valuable to gkhouses and our customers that we overlook his obsession with the NFL and disdain for college football.

Outside of the office Curren enjoys spending time with his family and playing basketball.

Hometown: San Clemente, California

Mat Cox » Chattanooga Team Leader

Mat Cox Bio Photo

Don’t let the fact that Mat was raised in Mississippi fool you, he’s “all-in” when it comes to Chattanooga property management.

Mat leads our Chattanooga office and considers it a great privilege to walk with owners through the process of getting their houses marketed, and rented quickly.

When Mat’s not speaking with owners or managing our staff, you can find him working out at the downtown Sportsbarn, running across the Walnut Street Bridge, or with his wife or home playing with his two boys.