Can I rent my Chattanooga house without allowing pets?


Can I rent my Chattanooga house without allowing pets?

Alex Smith here, from the gkhouses office in Chattanooga with another installment of Questions Owners Ask. Today’s question is, “Can I rent my Chattanooga house without allowing pets?””

The answer is absolutely! Ultimately, it is your house. You can decide to a certain extent what restrictions you want to place on the house.

However, about 70% of potential renters we encounter are looking to rent with an animal. By not allowing pets, you are considerably shrinking your potential renter base.

The hesitation for allowing animals is definitely understandable. Allowing someone else’s pet in your house involves a lot of risk.

One thing we do to mitigate this risk is charge a $300 nonrefundable pet fee per animal. We also place a breed restriction on dogs allowed in the house. For example, we don’t allow German shepherds, pitbulls, or any other breed that is widely considered aggressive on gk properties.

Even with a pet fee in place, you are still not 100% out of the woods if an animal causes damage to the house. Keep in mind that the tenants are held liable for any damages beyond normal wear and tear, even if they don’t have a pet.

You are also not necessarily going to recover any damages that result from a pet being in the home.

Some of our owners place other restrictions on pets. We’ve seen policies for no cats, maybe one dog, one cat, no dogs, weight limits, etc.

So there are some options there that you can do to mitigate some of your risk with having pets in the house too.

But that’s pretty much it. This is another edition of, “Questions Owners ask.” Thanks, everybody.