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I Am A Real Estate Agent How Much Do I Get Paid To Refer A House To Gkhouses?

Matthew Whitaker - Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What’s up, real estate agents? My name is Matthew Whitaker.

I am the founder of gkhouses. And you clicked on this because you are interested in working with us, and we absolutely want to work with you if you are a real estate agent.

So the big question is, how much will we pay you for referral? So a referral that you send us, so you send us a house that we rent to somebody, so you have a client and maybe you can’t sell that house or you have a client that is interested in renting it and that’s not something you do, you can send that house to us.

And when we lease that house we will pay you a referral fee of $555. So when the house gets rented and the tenant moves in and essentially they pay their first month’s rent, we are going to pay…send you or send your broker a check for $555.

Now, you can also lease the house for us. So if you have a tenant that you’re interested in leasing one of our homes, first thing you need to do is get set up as a vendor and there’s a video on how to get set up as a vendor.

But if you lease a home for us and you show the tenant the house, we’ll pay you $250.

So you have a tenant who wants to see it, $250. If you have a house, $555. So that’s it.

That’s Questions Owners Ask. This was actually from a real estate agent. I am Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

I Am A Broker Starting A Property Management Company What Should I Know Before Starting?

Matthew Whitaker - Monday, November 19, 2018

What’s up, everybody. My name is Matthew Whitaker.

And this is going out to my property management or potential property management buddies out there.

So if you’re already a broker and you’re considering getting into property management, I have three things I want to tell you, three quick things.

Number one, managing 1 or 100 houses is still a full-time business.

You’d be surprised because when you’re only doing one or two or three houses, you’re doing a lot of things manually that we can process out and do…use a lot of automation to do.

And when you’re doing only one, two or three, you do a lot of manual things.

So it is a full-time or at least it feels like a full-time business, whether you’re managing 1 or 100. Please, don’t underestimate how long it takes to manage just a few houses.

The second thing is you need to make sure you create a vendor list, a preferred vendor list prior to meeting them.

The last thing you want is to need a vendor to go out to do something for you and you’re scrounging in the phone book for your clients to find somebody.

That’s going to be really expensive for your clients, you’re not going to provide a good value for them.

The last thing I would say is the place that I see people screw this up the most is accounting.

You got to make sure that you’re handling your clients’ money with trust. And it’s funny, they call them “trust accounts.” But you’ve got to make sure that your clients’ money is accounted for.

You have to be very diligent, I would even suggest using a property management software like AppFolio or Propertyware so that you can make sure that every dime, every penny is accounted for.

I see so many people screw this up, it gets them into trouble really quickly and it’s not fair to your clients.

So that’s it. That’s what would I do if I was starting a property management company.

I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

I Am A Real Estate Agent How Do I Show One Of Your Homes?

Matthew Whitaker - Monday, November 19, 2018

What’s up real estate agents?

I’m Matthew Whitaker here with a little self…like a help for you, super excited that you’re interested in showing one of our properties.

We’re agents ourself. We love to work with agents. Really what we like to do is rent houses. So if we don’t rent them, and you can rent them, then heck, we’re happy to pay you a referral fee for that.

But the big question right now is, how do you get into one of our houses?

The first thing I would say is, you need to get set up as a vendor in our system. So we use a self-show lockbox system called Rently.

And what it allows you to do is to be a vendor and have access to all of our property. So as an agent, you can get access to all of our properties.

Each individual, like if somebody was gonna go see one of our houses, they only get access to one at a time.

You as an agent get access to all of it. The easiest way to do that is just shoot an email to, give us your brokerage, what brokerage you work with, your real estate license number, and then make sure you include your cell phone number.

And what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna text out something to you that basically will be instructions on getting into our Rently lockboxes. So that’s step one.

The second thing is that when you get out to the house, you’re gonna use those same message to look at the lockbox code on the top. So each lockbox is numbered.

You’re gonna get out to the house, call the number, put in which lockbox it is, and then you’re going to have access to that home, and show it.

The third thing is, make sure that your resident that’s gonna move into our house puts you down as a reference on their application. There’s a place to do that online.

The tenant can fill out an application online at our website, And then the last thing, once they get approved, and they move into the house, you need to submit the form on our website that basically gets you paid.

You’re gonna have to submit a W-9 form. If you haven’t done that already, you only have to do that one time, and then an invoice, and we’ll get you paid.

So that’s it. That is how to see one of our houses for all you real estate agents. I hope that’s helpful. I’m Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

Common Real Estate Investing Mistake – Quitting Your Day Job

Matthew Whitaker - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here.It’s late at night, and I just wanted to shoot a quick video. This video is called “Why I Would Not Quit My Day Job.”

Oh, let me get it straight. Oops. Sorry about that.

And one of the things I think a lot of real estate investors do incorrectly is they don’t have, like, a day job that allows them to invest and grow their rental house business. Also a lot of people wanna jump into, like, full-time real estate investing. And you can certainly do that, but you need to create a day job that creates income that allows you to do all your investing. That way you’re not having to eat out of your business.

Where I see a lot of people get in trouble is when they’re having to eat out of the cash flows of the business.

The business, something goes a little bit wrong, and then all of a sudden they kind of get off track.

So, what I would say is, don’t quit your day job. So, you know, work during the day, invest on the nights and weekends, or have something that’s creating income as a day job that allows you to invest without having to eat out of your rental properties particularly when you’re getting started.

That’s it. Thanks. Matthew Whitaker here.

I Am A Real Estate Agent, How Much Do I Make For Referring You A House To Rent?

Matthew Whitaker - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What’s up, real estate agents? Matthew Whitaker here.

Wanted to give you a heads up about something I’m really excited about.

We’re trying to improve our relationship with real estate agents. So, for right now, if you refer a house to us, and once we lease it, so, it’s maybe a house you can’t sell, or a client that you have that you know has rental properties, we will pay you $555 per house you refer us, once the house is leased. So, I think that’s pretty exciting. I think that’s way more than anybody else is paying in the market.

And I hope you’re as excited about it too. So, if you have a client that you don’t wanna lose, maybe they don’t have enough equity in their house, maybe you have a client that you’ve helped buy a bunch of rental property, I hope you’ll contact us and let us rent the house, manage the house, and then give the client back to you.

You make $555 when we lease that house.  Thanks so much. Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

What Is It Like To Work For Gkhouses?

Matthew Whitaker - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here. I’m traveling today. I’m doing a video for all our prospective team members. Super excited about it.

What you need to know about working with us. So, I’m gonna give you the good, the bad, and the ugly about what it’s like to work with gkhouses.

One of the things and I think if you ask our team members they think is that there is more work than time to get things done. This is feedback that I’ve been getting for years from our team members. We always think we’re gonna get over the hump, and we just realize, hey, there’s just more work that needs to get done than there is time to do it in a day.

So, if you like to be somebody that buttons it up and wraps it up by the end of the day and leave with kind of everything off your plate, then gkhouses may not be the right place for you.

But if you love to have so much going on and a bunch of crazy things happening, and you love to be knocking out tons of work, then gkhouses is probably the right place for you. We have a high-performance expectation. In other words, we expect a lot out of our people. We don’t apologize for that.

I mean, we want some really high-performing people. You’ll be in a culture around a lot of people that are high-performing, so if you’re a high performer who likes to be around a lot of other high performers, and have a high expectation of yourself, then gkhouses may be the right place for you.

Team leaders. So, those of you that are applying for our team leaders. So, we have an operations to team leader, accounting to team leader job posting that we’re putting out there.

If you’re gonna be a team leader that works for us, you need to go run a market for us. Like, your tenure at gkhouses will be an absolute fail if you don’t ultimately go run a market for us. So, when you’re interviewing for this, please ask us a lot of questions about what that looks like.

We expect you to go run a market in about 24 months. So if you’re not doing that, then the work is gone for naught because we really need you to go run a market.

The last thing I would say is you are gonna learn more working here than at any other company. I mean, if you’re a team leader, you’re gonna learn about leading, how to lead people.

You’re gonna learn about growing a business. I think there’s so many things to learn about growing a business. You can do that on our dime. And the last thing is about being an entrepreneur.

We love entrepreneurs. We have a culture of entrepreneurship. We have a core value called entrepreneurial spirit that we really believe in. And so, this is just a little bit about working with us.

Hope you enjoyed the video.