7 Signs You Have a Nightmare Tenant

7 Signs You Have a Nightmare Tenant Do you have a nightmare tenant living in your rental house? When most people decide to rent their house, they have the best intentions. That's because we w..

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3 Questions Homeowners Ask Property Managers

What are the 3 questions homeowners ask property managers? In this video, Matthew walks through the most common questions. There's also a transcript below the video. Three Questions Homeowners..

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5 Traits of a Poor Property Manager

These 5 traits of a poor property manager should make you think twice about letting them manage your rental property. After managing over a thousand properties, renting to over 10,000 tenants, and wo..

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How Much is My Rental Home Worth If I Wanted To Sell

How Much is My Rental Home Worth? Yesterday a family member called me about selling a rental house he owns. He said the home needed some work and he was calling me for some advice. It struck me when ..

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Overcoming Fears of the Leasing Process

One of the benefits of working with gkhouses is our leasing department. We are extremely focused and disciplined in our marketing and screening process. Just last year we rented 421 houses. Caro..

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How To Work With Section 8

Do you want to know how to work with Section 8? There is a right way...and there's a wrong way! In this post I am interviewing one of our property managers, Wayne McGinnis. The great thing about W..

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How Do I Know if My Landlord is Legit?

How do you know if your landlord is legit? This is a serious issue that you need to resolve before you lease a house. In this video, Matthew Whitaker is going to walk us through three reasons why i..

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