What Do I Need For My Rental Application?

Hey everybody, a question we get a lot is what do I need for my rental application? We filmed a short video to share a short video, tell you what you need before you fill out an application. ..

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A Tenant’s Guide To Protecting Your Rent Payment

As a Birmingham and Nashville property management company, we see and process thousands and thousands of rent payments each year. And for most of us - tenant or homeowner - our rental or mortgage p..

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My Tenant Has a Dog Against The Lease

What do you do if your tenant has a dog living in your house against the lease? Many of our owners don't mind allowing pets and we have a special pet deposit for them in our lease. But it's ..

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Consider This a Warning…Clean Your Gutters

We sent an email to all of our owners a couple of months ago urging them to either send us out to clean their gutters or hire someone else to make sure that job is done before serious damage can occur..

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How Do I Evict My Tenant?

Sometimes tenants need to be evicted. It doesn't mean they're bad people or that they are intentionally taking advantage of you, the homeowner. But unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary. In th..

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How To Collect Rent From Your Tenants

We get asked "How do you collect rent from tenants?" all the time from homeowners who are considering gkhouses as their Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, or Little Rock Property managers. Col..

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What Happens When A Section 8 Tenant Wants To Move?

I had the opportunity to spend some time in the field with two of our property managers (Wayne McGinnis and Mark Byers) as they performed a Section 8 Move Out Inspection. This happens when a Sectio..

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