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We'll Rent Your Home In Two Weeks Or Your First Month Is On Us!

We'll Rent Your Home In Two Weeks Or Your First Month Is On Us!


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Let Us Take The Stress & Headache Of Managing Rental Property Away From You!

Managing rental property can be time consuming and come with an abundance of problems. We have found that most owners begin searching for a property manager when they consider the amount of attention and time that renting a house actually consumes. Here are three of the most common obstacles owners face then they manage their own property:

Effective Marketing

 You need your property to be seen by as many potential tenants as possible. Marketing your home in one or two places (or by word of mouth) is going to greatly diminish your potential to find the best tenant. We push our available properties to over 40 websites and we receive over 20,000 visitors each month to  

Thorough Tenant Screening

Finding the best tenant for your property is something you can't afford to get wrong! A mistake here could end up costing you thousands of dollars. It's also extremely important that you follow fair housing laws when you are reviewing applications. At gkhouses, we have a five-step screening process which helps ensure we find the best tenants.


Maintenance is inevitable. Most every house needs work done to it within a 12 month period (the length of most leases). Scheduling a vendor and following up on that vendor and tenant takes more time that most people realize. Our in-house maintenance department makes sure your tenant is happy and that quality work is completed on your home...saving you valuable time!

What Should You Charge For Rent?

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This report will tell you how much you can expect in rent and also show you how much houses in your neighborhood are charging for rent.

We don’t hire just anyone to manage your property. Every team member is carefully vetted and is put through a hiring process we affectionately call ‘The Grinder.’ Sounds scary only because it is!

Meet Alex, he's waiting to help answer all of your Property Management questions.

Alex loves the office phone. Mostly because he's able to answer questions from owners like you each day. He says he has the best job at gkhouses and nothing makes him happier than talking to new owners. Well...maybe the only thing he enjoys more is South Carolina sports. We don't know why! When Alex isn't helping owners find the best solution for their rental houses, you can find him talking about dinner plans or actually having dinner.

Reach out to Alex directly to schedule an appointment, or fill out one of our forms to receive a free rental assessment of your home.

What You Get When You Choose gkhouses
As Your Little Rock Property Manager:

You’ll work with experts

From deep marketing and leasing knowledge to exceptional systems and processes to superior maintenance, we only have one focus - your happiness. Let us show you the gk difference!

You’ll sleep well at night

Our systems and processes make certain you don’t deal with the day to day of tenant questions or requests. We ensure you know the most important details but stay out of the day to day management.

You’ll keep your tenant 

We love to ‘celebrate our tenants!’ That means that your tenant will be happier and have a great gkhouses experience. Their happiness can translate into renewed leases and more money in your pocket.

Don't Take Our Word For It....
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Our Owners Choose Us
For These Three Reasons:

We Don't Hire Property Managers

This is a little “tongue in cheek” way of saying, our business is the quality of our people. Property management experience for our people is not a must when they come to work with us.  Fitting with our culture and our vision for the business is most important.  


Trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship. We believe we can build trust by being uncomfortably transparent. We’ve found that owners don’t expect us to be perfect. What they do expect is for us to communicate and be very transparent with them.

The Tenant

A rental house is not an asset. The real asset is the combination of the right house with the right tenant. That’s why when we find a good tenant, it is important that we keep them. How do we do that? We celebrate them. Feel free to ask the different ways we celebrate tenants.

Tenant’s can find your home on our site no matter what device they’re using. Our website makes sure that your home is in front of the maximum amount of people. As a matter of fact, a prospective tenant can schedule a showing based on what’s convenient for them, all from their phone or computer.

We also get your home on approximately 40 other websites including MLS, Zillow, Trulia and more!

There are no upfront fees to get set up and your property in front of thousands of potential tenants. We’ll even provide lawn care for you while your house is on the market!

Let’s face it, property management isn’t a glamorous job. In fact, it can be kind of hard.

And you don’t want just anyone choosing a Little Rock tenant to live in your home. After all, putting a bad tenant in your home can end up costing you thousands!

We believe to be an effective property manager, you need to be proficient in these key areas:

Finding great tenants

Our years of experience and progressive marketing knowledge allows us to get in front of the most prospective tenants as possible. Combined with our 5-step screening process, we will find you the best tenant possible.

Keeping those great tenants happy

Finding great tenants is hard and we believe when you find them, you should try to keep them several years. We strive to keep all of our tenants happy and regularly write them notes of appreciation and give them gift card surprises!

Maintaining the property

Over the course of a year, things break. We do our best to provide opportunity for preventative maintenance that can keep larger repairs from getting out of control. 

Managing by systems and processes

We couldn’t manage over 1,500 houses without great people and solid systems and processes. This helps make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Find The Perfect Plan For Your Little Rock Property Management Needs

No startup fees to get your home on the market in front of
thousands of potential tenants and you pay nothing until we find you
a well qualified tenant. Call us today for a free rental assessment.


  • Property inspection report
  • Owner only phone line
  • Electronic statements and disbursements
  • Maintenance management
  • 24/7 tenant communication
  • Rent collection


  • one month leasing fee
  • $200 renewal fee
  • $10 per month discount for five or more houses


Most Popular

Includes all Silver features plus:

  • Quarterly inspection report which includes air filter change and smoke detector battery check
  • check-circle
    Bi-annual HVAC preventative maintenance inspection
  • check-circle
    Complementary lawn service during vacancy
  • check-circle
    10% discount on gk maintenance labor


  • half a months leasing fee
  • $150 renewal fee
  • $10 per month discount for five or more houses


Includes all Silver & Gold features plus:

  • Rent Protection - you will never miss a rent payment no matter if your tenant pays or not
  • check-circle
    Complementary house cleaning before marketing begins
  • check-circle
    NO Renewal Fee
  • check-circle
    NO Leasing Fee
  • check-circle
    NO markup on 3rd party maintenance

Starting ​at


  • $0 leasing fee
  • $0 renewal fee
  • $10 per month discount for five or more houses

We have three guarantees for you:

  • 1
    100% Happiness Guarantee - If you're not satisfied or something changes in your situation and you need to cancel our management agreement, no problem. There are no cancellation fees or penalties of any kind. We want to make sure you're satisfied!
  • 2
    Maintenance Guarantee - If one of our staff or vendors works on your house, you have a 12 month quality guarantee. Should something be defective based on our workmanship within 12 months from the repair, we will make it right with no charge to you.
  • 3
    Tenant Performance Guarantee - Should a tenant that we qualify and place in your home break their lease within the first six months of their lease term, we will replace the tenant and waive the leasing fee.

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