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Our property management company started right here, in Birmingham, Alabama. It was 2008, and the real estate market had shifted dramatically from the previous ten years. While most real estate investors were considering other vocations, Matthew Whitaker launched gkhouses to help a large group of investors he had developed relationships with over the years.

We started with just 30 houses that year but have steadily grown to manage approximately 1,000 houses in the Birmingham area.

Our Birmingham property management company has expanded steadily since 2008. We have grown primarily because of word of mouth. We believe we have the best owners and tenants in the city and we do our best to improve our level of service every day.

Whether you have ten rental properties or you’re considering renting out your personal home, we would love to help.

There are a lot of things you should consider when choosing a property manager and a lot of questions you should ask. If you’re interested in learning more about how we work with owners, check out this infographic. If you want even more detail, we put together this infographic that should be helpful.

Get to know Mat Cox, our Chattanooga Team Leader

Hi, I’m Mat Cox…the gkhouses Chattanooga Team Leader.

We are glad you are considering gkhouses as your Chattanooga and North Georgia Property Manager.

My Story

Since I’m officially the ‘face‘ of gkhouses here in Chattanooga, I thought I would give you some insight into how I ended up here. It’s been a fun ride!

I grew up in Fulton, MS with my parents and an older brother. We lived on the same 10 acres as my grandparents and have always been a close family.

Living near my grandparents shaped a lot of who I am today. Through that close relationship, I developed a love for travel and sense of independence. My Grandfather was in the Mississippi Legislature for 12 years and would take me with him when he traveled as long as I wasn’t playing sports.

Growing up, I knew that there were three things important in my family’s life:

  1. Our local church
  2. Our Community
  3. Sports

My parents and local church helped develop my faith. Our community gave me a sense of pride and ‘belonging,’ and sports endowed me with a competitive drive, a love of team, and accountability.

I played baseball and studied Accounting throughout college. I chose Accounting because it seemed to be a well-rounded study which would provide opportunities to stretch my entrepreneurial wings after graduation….just in case I didn’t make it to the Majors!

I joined gkhouses in 2015 after working in a large corporate environment, and a thriving mid-size family-owned business. I enjoyed my time at these companies, but when I met some of the guys at gkhouses, I was attracted to the strong culture, and their desire to achieve something monumental in the property management world.

It became a perfect fit for me, and the leadership training I received at gkhouses equipped me to move to Chattanooga and become the Team Leader for our office here.

Time for a little transparency…it’s not been the smoothest of transitions. We miss our family and friends in Birmingham, along with the community and local church where we were members.

I miss the office comradery in Birmingham too! Just being able to walk into someone’s office and bounce ideas off each other became more valuable to me after I moved. The good news is that we’re building a great team here in Chattanooga and we’re receiving plenty of support from Birmingham.

I’m committed to the mission and the vision of gkhouses and am thrilled to be a big part of what’s happening.

Our family is settling in and starting to call Chattanooga home. My wife, Bridgett, is teaching at Red Bank Elementary, and my two boys, Owen and Cooper, have started a new daycare.

I’d love to connect with you.

And if you’re in Real Estate and want to talk shop, my door is always open, and it would be GREAT to meet you!

Here’s to your success and ours in Chattanooga!

Again, please reach out if you’d like to connect…I’d love to hear from you.

– Mat Cox

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with Mat at your house or learn more about our services, call us at (423) 648-7368 Ext 3 or fill out our form below. We’ll give you our honest assessment of your current situation as well as a plan to make the most of your investment while relieving you of the stress that comes along with managing rental property.

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