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Have you been searching for a professional Property Management company in Chattanooga? You have come to the right place!

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With offices in four cities, gkhouses manages over 1,300 houses. Our innovative business model combined with our incredible team ensures that all of your rental property needs are met.

Each team member takes pride in the service provided to our Chattanooga and North Georgia homeowners and tenants.

Interested in how we will manage your home? Check out this infographic to see our processes in an easy-to-understand infographic.

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How Our Chattanooga Property Management Services Can Be Helpful To You?

Over the past decade managing rental property, we have discovered what every owner finds valuable and how we can best serve their interests.

We believe there are three ways that gkhouses’ stands out from every other Chattanooga property manager:

The Industries Most Talented Team

We only hire the best talent to work at gkhouses. We aren’t necessarily looking for property managers, but gifted and motivated individuals who are capable of learning the business, serving our clients, and leading people. Our team is second to none.

Customer Focused Innovation

We are not satisfied with property management as usual. We are continually looking for ways to innovate on behalf of our owners and tenants. We aim to serve you well and keep your tenants happy in your home.

Uncomfortable Transparency

Trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship. We believe your confidence in our ability grows by being uncomfortably transparent. We’ve found that owners don’t expect us to be perfect. What they do expect is for us to communicate and be open with them.

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Why to Choose gkhouses for Property Management in Chattanooga, TN?

Hiring the right property management company can make all the difference. Being a leader in the industry, gkhouses aims to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income. As your Chattanooga property management specialists, we help you succeed in these three areas:

100% Guarantee

Full Service

Marketing, showings, screening tenants, negotiating lease terms, and pre-move-in inspections, all services under one roof.

Tenant Performance Guarantee

Professional Quality

Our team is not the typical property manager. We only hire the best talent who have a passion for delivering world-class customer service.

Maintenance Guarantee

Local Expertise

If you’re an investor who is looking for more properties or information on best areas for Chattanooga rental property, our team can assist and help you make the best decision.

To learn more about gkhouses Chattanooga, feel free to contact us via phone at (423) 648-7368 Ext 3.

Frequently Asked Question

How quickly can you rent my home?

Renting your home is a function of the amount of traffic driven to see your home. Simply put, it’s a numbers game!

At gkhouses, we take renting your home serious and harness the power of both digital and guerrilla marketing tactics to get your house noticed, applications filled out and tenants placed.

We’ve found that it takes a certain number of showings and not a certain amount of time to lease your home. That is why our goal is to effectively drive traffic to see your home.

Our current marketing efforts for our rental homes drive over 21,000 unique visitors to our website each month. This marketing traffic is what produces showings, which produces applications, which produces a well-qualified tenant for your rental property.

What are your fees?

We use to be just like everyone else in the industry and charge 10% management fee and a full month leasing fee, but we’ve since moved to a flat fee pricing plan. We believe these plans fit our owners’ needs and investment strategies better than before. We provide owners with 3 different pricing plans, Silver, Gold, & Platinum, starting at $65 per month. To learn more about our pricing plans, visit our pricing plans page.

When do I get paid?
Once we’ve collected the rent, we will disburse owner funds and statements on the last day of each month.
Do you keep a reserve for maintenance expenses throughout the month?

Yes, we keep $500 per owner for up to five houses. If an investor has more than five houses, we keep $100 per property. This reserve is to handle unforeseen maintenance items throughout the month. In the event maintenance continues to exceed that amount, we’ll review this amount and have a conversation with you about adjusting the reserve to a more appropriate amount.

How long have you been a professional property manager?

gkhouses was established in 2008. We initially began in the business by managing our own property. However, we saw the need in the market for a professional single-family property manager and decided to offer our services to others that had a high expectation of property management staff and a need for transparency and detailed accounting systems.

Our team of professional property managers has amassed a wealth of experience in the real estate industry as well as other industries to offer a battle-proven team of veterans for our clients.

How many properties do you manage?

We currently manage over 600 properties in Chattanooga and North Georgia.

What does your management agreement look like?

Feel free to give us a call or email us and we’ll gladly email you copy of our current management agreement.

Am I required to make my property available to Section 8?
No, you don’t have to accept Section 8 qualified tenants.
Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed with the State of Tennessee and Georgia to manage rental property. And we ONLY allow licensed and insured maintenance staff and vendors to work on our rental houses.

How Can I Best Reach You?

YYou can reach us at [email protected] and (423) 648-7368 Ext 3 during normal business hours.

If you email [email protected] your email will be answered in the order it was received. Transparent Communication is one of our Three Uniques and one we know owners are serious about. If you have more questions about our processes for owner communication, feel free to reach out to us at the number above.

Can you put the money directly into my account?
Yes, we make ACH payments directly into owner accounts. We disperse to owners on the last day of the month.
Do I get to see the lease or sign it?
If you would like to see the lease, we can definitely provide you with a copy. The tenant actually signs a lease with gkhouses as your Agent.
Do you sell real estate too?
If you were referred to us by an agent, we would refer you back to that agent unless that agent was no longer in business. We also have staff and a trusted partner that specifically focus on the selling of real estate should the need arise.
How is rent collection handled?
At gkhouses, we believe the best method for collecting rent is slow and steady pressure throughout the month as opposed to frantic and harsh pressure if rent becomes late. Not only do our tenants get friendly reminders that rent is due, we also have weekly collections meetings where we discuss each tenant individually and decide the next step on a case by case basis. This has proven to be an extremely effective manner of handling rents and is validated in our 95%+ collection rate on tenants that we place.
How long of a lease do you sign?

A typical gkhouses lease is a 1-year lease that auto renews each 12 months for up to 5 years. A tenant can turn in a notice to move at the end of each 12 month period. If they do not turn in a notice, the lease will automatically renew for an additional 12 months. There is also a 5% rent increase each year unless you request that we keep the rent the same amount.

How much security deposit do you charge the tenant?
One month’s rent
Who holds the tenant security deposit?

Per Alabama Law, we hold the tenant’s security deposit in a dedicated account at a local bank.

How soon can you start managing my property?
As soon as you sign a management agreement and hand over the keys. Almost immediately we will schedule a walk through by one of our experienced property managers and make sure everything is ready for this property to be rented.
What type of properties do you manage?

We specialize in single-family houses.

What type of reports do I get and how often?
Each month you will receive an Owner’s Statement with a detailed description of any rent collected as well as maintenance performed on your home.


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