Owner FAQ Videos

What Is Your Pricing? (7:50)

How Much Can I Charge For Rent? (1:28)

How Do You Handle Repairs? (3:10)

How Will You Market My House? (2:10)

How Long To Rent
My House? (2:37)

How Long Does It Take To Evict A Tenant In Birmingham Al? (1:42)

How Do You Handle Maintenance Issues On Nights Weekends And Holidays? (1:26)

Where Should I Buy
My Rentals? (4:00)

Should I Allow Pets In My
Rental Home? (1:49)

If I Am A Real Estate Agent, Why Would I Work With Gkhouses? (01:23)

Can You Rent My House With Furniture In It? (2:12)

What Do You Do To Screen A Tenant? (02:26)

Why Is It Important To Have Local Property Management? (01:19)

Where Should I Market My Home For Rent? (01:43)

May I Pick The Tenant That Goes Into My Home? (01:11)

What Do I Need To Do To Rent
My Home? (3:12)

What Are Average Property Management Fees? (02:21)

Can I Rent My Home If It Has A Swimming Pool? (01:50)

What Do Property Managers
Do? (02:43)

How Much Should My Home Rent For? (05:47)

My Tenant Isn't Paying Rent What Do I Do? (03:05)

What Are The Different Types Of Property Managers? (02.29)

Can I Leave A Room Or Basement Off Limits To The Tenant To Store My Stuff? (01:10)

How Do I Find A Handyman For My Rental Home?

How Do I Rent My
Condo? (02:03)

My Tenant Is Destroying My House What Should I Do? (01.49)

How Much Do You Charge For Maintenance? (02:26)

What Does A Good Tenant Look Like? (02.01)

How Do I Fire My Previous Property Manager? (01:51)

How Do I Sell My Rental House?

How Do Tenants Pay
You Rent?

I Just Got A Threatening Letter From A Tenants Attorney What Should I Do? (02:47)

How Much Does It Cost To Evict A Tenant In Birmingham Alabama?(01:24)

If I Buy A House Can You Renovate It For Me? (01:53)

Property Manager Reviews In Birmingham Al (04:22)

Can You Lease My Home And Let Me Manage It? (01:18)

My House Is Leased But Nobody Is Living There (01:12)

How Does Having An Hoa Affect Renting My Home? (01:18)

What Industry Drives Rental Houses In Birmingham Al? (01:08)

How Much Work Can Gkhouses Do On My Rental Home Before They Call Me? (00:59)

What Do I Do If A Tenant Leaves Owing Me Money? (01:30)

How Long Should I Own A Rental House?

I Can't Rent My House What Should I Do?

Is Alabama A Tenant Friendly State Or A Landlord Friendly State? (01:18)

My Tenant Has Cars In The Front Yard What Should I Do? (02:14)

What Do I Do If My Tenant Bounces A Check To Me? (00:57)

How Long Do I Have To Get A Tenant Back Their Security Deposit In Birmingham Al? (01:21)

What Happens If The Tenant Breaks Something How Do I Charge For Repairs?

What Makes Gkhouses Different From Other Property Managers? (01:57)

What Is The Biggest Danger Of Renting And Managing My Own Home? (02:12)

What Types Of Houses Should I Invest In?

Where Should I Look If I Want To Flip A House In Birmingham Al? (01:39)

When Do You Send Out Owner Statements For My Rental Home? (00:41)

What’s The Best Book On Real Estate Investing? (01:10)

My Property Manager Is No Longer Sending Me Rent What Should I Do? (01:46)

Should I Allow My Tenant To Move In Without Paying A Deposit?

I Want To Rent My Home In Birmingham Al What Do I Need To Know?

What Other Benefits Do Property Managers Provide Other Than Manage My Property (02:11)

Where Should I Market My Home For Rent? (01:53)

Do You Manage Student Housing?

What If I Don't Want Pets In My Home?

When Would Gkhouses Not Be A Good Fit As My Property Manager? (2:59)

My Tenant Is Threatening To Sue Me What Should I Do? (01:47)

How Much Do You Charge For An Application Fee? (1:38)

My Tenant Wont Let Me In The Home What Should I Do? (02:15)

My Tenant Has A Dog Which Is Against The Lease What Should I Do? (2:19)

How Many Applications Does It Take For Me To Get An Approved Applicant Copy? (01:05)

How many showings does it take for me to get an application?

What Can I Get For My Rental House? (02:45)

Should I Require A Security Deposit On My House In Chattanooga? (02:01)

What Can I Get For My Rental House? (02:45)

Should I offer my vacant house with a furnished option? (03:05)

I Don't Want To Allow Pets In My Chattanooga Home, Can I Still Rent My House? (02:19)

How Much Should I Budget For Maintenance In Chattanooga?

How Often Do You Send Out Owner Statements In Chattanooga? (00:41)

What Do Property Managers Do
In Chattanooga? (02:38)