Owner FAQ Videos

What Is Your Pricing? (7:50)

How Much Can I Charge For Rent? (1:28)

How Do You Handle Repairs? (3:10)

How Will You Market My House? (2:10)

How Long To Rent
My House? (2:37)

How long does it take to evict a tenant in Birmingham AL? (1:42)

How do you handle maintenance issues on nights weekends and holidays? (1:26)

Where Should I Buy
My Rentals? (4:00)

Should I allow pets in my
rental home? (1:49)

If I m a real estate agent, why would I work with gkhouses? (01:23)

Can you rent my house with furniture in it? (2:12)

My tenant isn't paying rent what do I do? (03:05)

Why is it important to have local property management? (01:19)

Where should I market my home for rent? (01:43)

May I pick the tenant that goes into my home? (01:11)

What do I need to do to rent
my home? (3:12)