Owner FAQ Videos

What Is Your Pricing? (7:50)

How Much Can I Charge For Rent? (1:28)

How Do You Handle Repairs? (3:10)

How Will You Market My House? (2:10)

How Long To Rent
My House? (2:37)

How long does it take to evict a tenant in Birmingham AL? (1:42)

How do you handle maintenance issues on nights weekends and holidays? (1:26)

Where Should I Buy
My Rentals? (4:00)

Should I allow pets in my
rental home? (1:49)

If I m a real estate agent, why would I work with gkhouses? (01:23)

Can you rent my house with furniture in it? (2:12)

What do you do to screen a tenant? (02:26)

Why is it important to have local property management? (01:19)

Where should I market my home for rent? (01:43)

May I pick the tenant that goes into my home? (01:11)

What do I need to do to rent
my home? (3:12)

What are average property management fees? (02:21)

Can I rent my home if it has a swimming pool? (01:50)

What do property managers
do? (02:43)

How much should my home rent for? (05:47)

My tenant isn't paying rent what do I do? (03:05)

What are the different types of property managers? (02.29)

Can I leave a room or basement off limits to the tenant to store my stuff? (01:10)

How do i find a handyman for my rental home? (02.03)

How do I rent my
Condo? (02:03)

My tenant is destroying my house what should i do? (01.49)

How much do you charge for maintenance? (02:26)

What does a good tenant look like? (02.01)

How do I fire my previous property manager? (01:51)

How do I sell my rental house?

How do tenants pay you rent?

I just got a threatening letter from a tenants attorney what should I do? (02:47)

How much does it cost to evict a tenant in birmingham Alabama?(01:24)

If I buy a house can you renovate it for me? (01:53)

Property manager reviews in Birmingham AL (04:22)

Can you lease my home and let me manage it? (01:18)

My house is leased but nobody is living there (01:12)

How does having an HOA affect renting my home? (01:18)

What industry drives rental houses in birmingham al? (01:08)

How much work can gkhouses do on my rental home before they call me? (00:59)

What do i do if a tenant leaves owing me money? (01:30)

How long should I own a rental house?

I can't rent my house what should i do?

Is Alabama a tenant friendly state or a landlord friendly state? (01:18)

My tenant has cars in the front yard What should i do? (02:14)

What do I do if my tenant bounces a check to me? (00:57)

How long do i have to get a tenant back their security deposit in birmingham al? (01:21)

What happens if the tenant breaks something How do i charge for repairs?

What makes gkhouses different from other property managers? (01:57)

What is the biggest danger of renting and managing my own home? (02:12)

What types of houses should i invest in?

Where should i look if i want to flip a house in birmingham al? (01:39)

When do you send out owner statements for my rental home? (00:41)

What’s the best book on real estate investing? (01:10)

My property manager is no longer sending me rent what should I do? (01:46)

Should I allow my tenant to move in without paying a deposit? (01:31)