World class property management services for your local rental property

Managing rental property can be tough. Showing houses, screening tenants, collecting rent, and handling maintenance calls can put stress on your already busy life.

At gkhouses, we relieve you of the stress and headache of managing your property so that you can enjoy doing things that matter to you. You can rest easy knowing that we are taking the best care of your tenant and your home.

As our business has grown from just 30 houses in 2008, to 1,200 houses and over 600 owners in 2016, we have found that people choose to work with us based on our three unique differences:

We don’t hire property managers – This is a little “tongue in cheek” way of saying, our business is the quality of our people. Property management experience for our people is not a must when they come to work with us.  Fitting with our culture and our vision for the business is most important. We want bright people who can pass our rigorous interview process that we affectionately call “The Grinder.”

We communicate with uncomfortable transparency – Trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship. We believe we can build trust by being uncomfortably transparent. We’ve found that owners don’t expect us to be perfect. What they do expect is for us to communicate and be very transparent with them.

We celebrate the tenant – a rental house is not an asset. The real asset is the combination of the right house with the right tenant. That’s why when we find a good tenant, it is important that we keep them. How do we do that? We celebrate them. Some simple ways we celebrate the tenant are gift cards when we find them doing something right, or even to mark their birthdays. Or thank-you cards we send once a week showing our genuine appreciation for them as the reason we are in business.

We want to continue to improve and provide the best service to our owners and tenants. In February of each year, we send out an Owner Survey to find out what we’re doing well and how we can improve. You can check out the results to see what we learned in our most recent survey. If you’re interested in what other owners are saying about us, feel free to check out some of our

If you own a rental property in one of our markets that you’d like for us to manage, give us a ring or fill out our inquiry form. We will give you our honest assessment of your situation as well as help you make the most of your rental investment.