Optional Services

Our optional services are designed to ensure you have the best property management experience with gkhouses.

Read through each of these services to see if any of them might benefit you. If you decide that one, or more, of these optional services, make sense to you, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will make sure you are signed up.

1. Eviction Protection Plan (EPP)

Our Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) is available for your gkhouses tenant. It is designed to give you peace of mind knowing you won’t be caught covering the expense of an eviction. EPP covers the cost of an eviction (which can be up to $900) should an unforeseen issue arise that prevents your tenant from paying rent in agreement with their lease. We will cover all attorney plus court costs associated with evicting your tenant as well as change out of locks.

The cost of EPP is $200 per year, billed annually.

2. Rent Protection Membership

Are you worried about your tenant not paying rent? When we surveyed our owners, this was their number one worry. With our Rent Protection Membership, you won’t ever worry about not collecting rent again.

Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Rent Protection Membership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the rental income protection cover?

The membership benefits cover up to 11 months and $100,000 in lost rent per rental unit. It also covers the cost of eviction.

My tenant has left the house, when will I get paid?

The first monthly payment for loss shall be made within 60 days (or shorter) following the receipt of the demand.

Is my current tenant eligible?

Yes, if the tenant has been up to date on payments for the last 12 consecutive months they are eligible.

The rent protection membership cost is equal to one month’s rent per year along with a $100 one-time fee. We will break that fee up over a 12 month period. Example: If your home rents for $1,000 per month. The charge would be $1,000, but we would bill you over 12 months at $83 per month.

3. Quarterly Inspection and Report

The Quarterly Inspection and Report is our most popular optional service.

Our team will visit your property once every quarter, change the air filters, check batteries in your smoke detectors, and send you a report with images of how your property is being cared for by your tenant. This is also a time when our property managers will make a note of any issues they feel you should be aware of with your rental home.

The cost of these Quarterly Inspections and Report is $65 per quarter.

4. Bi-annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Each year we receive emergency calls from tenants regarding their air or heat. These calls (especially emergency weekend calls) end up costing owners much more than a routine service call. Our Spring and Fall Heating and Air Service can aid in the early detection of problems and save the cost of expensive, emergency repairs. A skilled gkhouses tech will visit your home once in the fall and once in the spring to perform an assessment and cleaning. During our check, we also ensure that the unit(s) is up to code.

The cost of our Bi-annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance is $150 each.

5. Yard Maintenance

Some owners prefer to know that their lawn is being cared while a tenant lives in their home. This optional service will ensure your yard continues to look great year round and can also be an added selling point on why a tenant would want to choose your house over one in the same neighborhood. We will have the lawn cut during the summer every two weeks. During the late fall and winter, we will make sure your yard continues to look great.

The cost of our Yard Maintenance will range between $80 and $120 a month depending on the size of the yard.

6. Annual Gutter Cleaning

Gutters can fill up quickly, especially in the Southeast, and can be one of the leading problems with exterior damage to your home. When your gutters are full of leaves, water can run behind the gutters causing rot to the soffit and fascia boards. To prevent this damage, we recommend having your gutters cleaned at least once per year.

The cost of our Annual Gutter Cleaning will range between $150 and $250 per cleaning depending on the size of the house.

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