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Find The Perfect Plan For Your Property Management Needs

We believe it’s important that you have options. Our flat fee pricing plan is designed to give you the most flexibility when considering property management services.


$65/mo– one month leasing fee– $200 renewal fee

Property inspection report

Owner only phone line

Electronic statements and disbursements

Maintenance management

24/7 tenant communication

Rent collection

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Most Popular


$115/mo – half a months leasing fee– $150 renewal fee

Includes all Silver features plus:

Quarterly inspection report which includes air filter and smoke detector battery check

Bi-annual HVAC preventative maintenance inspection 

10% discount on gk maintenance labor

Shared late fee revenue

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$140/mo– $500 leasing fee– $100 renewal fee

Includes all Gold features plus:

15% discount on yourRent Protection Membership

15% discount on gkmaintenance labor

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Available Add-Ons

Eviction Protection Plan- $200 per year

Our Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) is available for your gkhouses tenants. It is designed to give you peace of mind knowing you won’t be caught covering the expense of an eviction. EPP covers the cost of an eviction (approximately $850) should an unforeseen issue arise that prevents your tenant from paying rent in accordance with their lease. We will cover all attorney plus court costs associated with evicting your tenant.This can be added to the Silver and Gold and is included in the Platinum package

Quarterly Inspections- $65 per quarter

This is our most popular optional service. Our team will visit your property once every quarter, change the air filters, check batteries in your smoke detectors, and send you a report with images of how your property is being cared for by your tenant. * This option can be added to the Silver Package and is included in the Gold and Platinum packages

Bi-Annual HVAC Inspection  – $150 each

Each year we receive emergency calls from tenants regarding their air or heat. These calls (especially emergency weekend calls) end up costing owners much more than a routine service call. Our Spring and Fall Heating and Air Service can aid in the early detection of problems and save the cost of expensive, emergency repairs. A skilled gkhouses tech will visit your home once in the fall and once in the spring to perform an assessment and cleaning. During our check, we also ensure that the unit(s) is up to code.

* This option is included in the Gold and Platinum packages

Rent Protection Membership- One Month’s Rent (billed monthly) 

In both our 2015 and 2016 Owner Survey’s, we found that the number one fear owners face is having a non-paying tenant and one that causes property damage. That’s why we created the Rent Protection Membership. Life happens. On occasion there are life events that happen to tenants which cannot be predicted through the underwriting process. Rent protection membership allows you the peace of mind knowing that you will be paid rent even if your tenant defaults. The cost of eviction will also be covered as well as up to $10,000 of tenant related damage. This option is included as a part of the Platinum plan at a 15% discount.* This option is mandatory on the Platinum package but can be added to either the Silver or Gold** The Rent Protection Membership costs an additional 1 month rent but at a 15% discount in the Platinum package

Our Process

1. Sign a management agreement

Just to make it official we’ll ask you to sign a management agreement with us…don’t worry, you can cancel at anytime if you’re not satisfied because we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee.

2. Property Inspection

One of our Property Managers will walk your house and provide you with an inspection report that includes images and descriptions of the condition of your house from a rental perspective.

3. Estimate

Your inspection report will let us know if your house is ‘rent-ready’ or needs a little work. If it needs work we can provide you with an estimate or you can have the work done yourself.

4. Market Your House

Now that your house is ready we’ll market it to thousands of qualified tenants on over 40 websites including our own. Driving this traffic will help rent your house fast!

5. Screen Potential Tenants

Our five-step screening process is THE BEST one in Nashville…it includes credit check, criminal background check, income verification, employment verification, and previous landlord references.

6. Move Your Tenants In

We will help make your tenant’s move in go as smooth as humanly possible by handling things like, making new keys, move-in walk through, resident checklists, etc…

7. Collect Rent

This is the purpose of renting your house out, right? Our premium rent collections process is efficient and has resulted in over a 96% collection rate in Birmingham on the tenants that we place.

8. Celebrate The Tenant

When you find a great tenant for your house it’s important to keep them…celebrating your tenant is how we make them feel special and hopefully keep them for life…or as long as you want them in your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Fast Can You Rent My House?

From the time your home is fully marketed until a tenant moves in has been averaging 30 days.

How Long A Lease Will My Tenant Sign?

Each resident signs a 12 month lease which renews each year with a small rent increase. You will be notified 120 days out from the lease anniversary and given the option to renew or end the lease. You will also be asked if you would like to keep the rent increase or renew the lease with no rent increase.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started?

Getting started is easy!Either give us a call, or fill out a form on this page. Once we discuss your situation we’ll send a management agreement for you to sign. We’ll also set an appointment to walk your house and give you a Property Inspection Report. You don’t pay any money until we place a tenant in your home. And if you already have a tenant, we’ll introduce ourselves to them and make sure they understand we’re your property manager.Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your situation. We would love to help you have a great Birmingham rental experience.

Can You Make Sure I Don’t Get Stuck With a Bad Tenant?

This is every homeowners nightmare and biggest fear! We have a five step screening process which makes sure that every tenant we place for you has good income, solid credit, valid employment, no criminal background, and we even talk to previous landlords for a reference asking questions like, “Would you rent to this tenant again?”Also, our Tenant Performance Guarantee helps give you the peace of mind that you won’t be responsible for another leasing fee should the tenant not honor their lease at least the first six months.

How Does Maintenance Work?

Unless you are going to handle your own maintenance, it works this way: 1. Your tenant turns in a maintenance request online or through our 24hour hotline. 2. Any work that would cost less than $300 to fix, we go ahead and dispatch so that the tenant situation is handled promptly.3. If work is going to be over $300, we will contact you to discuss the best solution. If you would like, we can get an estimate for the work, or you may ask for estimates from another source.Also, our Maintenance Guarantee will put your mind at ease knowing we will come back and fix anything that might go wrong as a result of our, or our vendors, workmanship. 

Do You Have Any Guarantees?

We have three guarantees for you:1. 100% Happiness Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied or something changes in your situation and you need to cancel our management agreement, no problem. There are no cancelation fees or penalties of any kind. We want to make sure you’re satisfied! 2. Maintenance Guarantee – If one of our staff or vendors works on your house, you have a 12 month quality guarantee. Should something be defective based on our workmanship in the 12 months from the repair, we will make it right with no charge to you.3. Tenant Performance Guarantee – Should a tenant that we qualify and place in your home break their lease within the first six months of their lease term, we will replace the tenant and waive the leasing fee.

What Others Are Saying About gkhouses

I would say gkhouses has been a great help for me! I do really appreciate how they care for my property and collect the rent each month. I also appreciate the notices I receive if there’s something I can for the tenant to make them happier and potentially stay in my house longer. gkhouses has given me the feeling that they are there to help both me and my tenant. I believe my rental is being cared for to the satisfaction of us both. 

Richard Nichol 

I have appreciated the professional atmosphere and good communication. I can have peace of mind knowing my house is being looked after.

Kara Denby

gkhouses always gets back to me in a timely manner and has always taken care of my need and requests. They take the stress out of being an owner…they rock!


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About gkhouses

We would be honored to manage your Birmingham rental home. Currently, we have 20 professionals, including our in-house maintenance team and manage over 1,200 houses for 500 owners in Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN.It’s our belief that owners choose us for three reasons:Communication – This is the lifeblood of our business. Property managers who don’t communicate well, don’t keep your business. We have dedicated staff who’s entire responsibility is to make sure owners and tenants receive timely and accurate information.Uncomfortable Transparency – This ties into a core value we have here at gkhouses – Integrity. Transparency runs deep in our culture and is encouraged in our interaction with each other as well as our owners and tenants. We believe you appreciate open, honest, and transparent communication.Celebrate The Tenant – We believe the biggest asset you have is your tenant. That’s why we make it our aim to make them feel appreciated. We spend $1,000 each quarter on special gifts and write handwritten notes to your tenants. This type of care can keep your tenant in your home for longer…and that’s a ‘win’ for everyone.