What our clients are saying


image1918   “I hired gkhouses.com after handling management of rental property myself for some time, and their service has been fantastic. They have procured excellent tenants, maximized our rental income, and has promptly responded to all issues that have arisen. I recommend them very highly.”

– Perry Shuttlesworth




image1153“We have been very pleased with gkhouses.com and their work. They have consistently kept our properties rented with great tenants. I would highly recommend them and their crew. Thumbs up!”

– Chase Morrow





image1149“gkhouses.com has done an excellent job handling my rental property. It’s nice having them deal with the day to day issues that come along with being a property manager. They are the most professional provider of this type service I’ve ever dealt with. Problem Solvers!”

– John Hicks




image1247“gkhouses.com is dedicated to their businesses. They made sure that our townhouse was rented in a timely manner (within a week of signing our contract). They kept me well informed about my property. They are ‘reachable’ at all times and willing to discuss issues even when it may be inconvenient for them. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

– Carolyn Matthews




“gkhouses.com did an excellent job managing my rental house. They are very competent and always let me know what was going on. I highly recommend them and would use their services again.”

– Phil Harden

“gkhouses.com is more than we had hoped for with our management property! We had several different groups in the area that always advertised themselves as being the best…so far from the truth, and they always cost us money! Unfortunately they made excuses and were not accountable for their actions.

If you have a need for a Professional property management group, look no further!”

– Garry Davis

“gkhouses.com has been a great company to work with. They are easy to work with and have full knowledge and skill of the rental end of real estate. They are also well versed in the sales department of real estate which is an asset for those who have rentals who would like to sell them while they manage them. They can assist those owners in finding a buyer for those properties and broker the deal. They are very creative in getting the rentals rented quickly and screening the clients and finding the right people to fit the right house. They work well with all the clients and they all seem to get along very well with them. Any time anything goes wrong or problems arise, they can get the problem corrected in a timely manner at reasonable costs to the owners by reputable businesses or by those that work with him. gkhouses.com surrounds themselves with the best, talented co-workers so that they can get the jobs done at minimal costs which in turn keeps the cost down for the owners, themselves and the clients. Overall, I have been well pleased with my association with gkhouses.com staff and am very happy to have established a working relationship with this company. I hope to have many more years working with them and their company.”

– Cindy Simons

“I highly recommend working gkhouses.com. They’re trustworthy, professional, and thoroughly think through business methods and processes. They are the kind of dedicated company you can count on to do things right.”

– Merrick Lackner

“gkhouses.com is a wonderful company to have working for you. They are knowledgeable, creative and kind. All things you would want in company. Responsible to a fault. Always having your best interest at heart.”

– Teri Huffman

“As an out-of-state property owner, I’ve found gkhouses.com to be a valuable advocate for me in Birmingham. They are very responsible, personable and costs are fair. I look forward to a long and rewarding business relationship with gkhouses.com.”

– Chuck Haas

:. . . innovative, and motivated to succeed. You can always count on gkhouses.com to generate new ideas on how to create a better product, or implement new strategies to make the business more efficient. They have a unique combination of intelligence, work ethic and genuine Southern Hospitality, making them extremely well rounded and able to communicate on most any level.

Matthew (gkhouses Team Leader) is a man of character and someone to keep on speed dial if you are launching a new business or making an important personal decision. He is a pleasure to know and an asset in any environment.”

– Tonya O’Dell

“. . . a conscientious and forward thinking property management company who looks after my properties as if they were their own. I trust this team implicitly to watch out for my best interests.”

– Tim Lantz

“. . . have developed invaluable processes and procedures to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of single family rental properties. gkhouses.com is a pleasure to do business with and we recommend their services often.”

– John David Chambless

“gkhouses manages over 50 houses for my investment group, starting in 2009. They do an excellent job with leasing and property repair.”

– John Thomas

“. . . a strong supporter of professionalism in our industry. They not only endorse strong ethics and good practices but also invests in learning and adapting to the industry’s best performance standards. You could not go wrong to let them assist you in any endeavor.”

– Mike Nelson